Saturday, 31 July 2010

Alexandra Responds to First Criticisms of her Blog.

A lanky pseudo-northerner has unkindly outed my blogging through the medium of facebook. No doubt thinking this some kind of hilarious joke Jet Witney (not his real name) tagged me in his status, calling my new love of writing to my blog "embarassing". Jet does not believe in blogs, nor does he believe that I am capable of creating a blog good enough to rival that of perezhilton.

Jet is what is called a male, thus finds himself in the unfortunate position of being wrong by nature, however in this case Jet is more wrong than usual. I must also mention that he is a man with a fake accent. Although this is unrelated it is worth noting that he therefore demonstrates his shortcomings on a daily basis. His inability to see the use in blogs is unsurprising. The mocking of Witney will no doubt advertise Alexandra's Complaints of the Day and probably make Alexandra rich and famous. I will then spend no pennies on our northern friend and have him sent to Bulgaria to mow the lawn of the summer house I will buy for the sole use of my stout canine friend, Bubbles.

I love this dog.

From Alexandra

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