Saturday, 31 July 2010

Alexandra's First Thoughts on the Birth of her Blog.

Excruciating boredom, the result of my ongoing unemployment and the annual, horrendous canyoubelieveitwilleverend summer holiday have inspired me to create this blog. I am hopeful that my bountiful readership will be brimming with excitement at this news, clinging to the edge of chairs nationwide wondering what it is I will be writing about in the oncoming weeks. You may find this a ludicrous idea, but wait whilst I explain the failsafe reasoning behind it. Lost has taught me that hope is a very important thing, in fact all you need to achieve your dreams, be they having said bountiful readership, or escaping curious smoke monster on moving island. I am therefore confident that Lost knows best and I may go on hoping for whatever I wish...(Lost obsession has also grown out of the soil of tedious, definitely in vain, job hunting that the summer of 2010 has brought.)

In writing this I am envisaging my life having some sort of Carrie Bradshaw-esque glamour which it never has. A sad life is mine, lowly student whittling away the summer months in Essex before I can start at university in September. Only one goal has possessed me this summer. Stricken by poverty/boredom I have attempted to find employment in this delightful market town. Alas, after numerous failings a crushing defeat occurred as follows -  Alexandra was denied a job at the ONE STOP. 

What I am destined to become. 
Having picked myself up off the ground I decided to turn my attention instead to - not finding employment, which I find is working much better for me. But before you go thinking me a lazy sluglike character I must let you know that I am doing work experience which is unpaid but I am confident I will reap the rewards of this charity work through the high-flying graduate career which is soon to come my way, failing that I will certainly enter heaven

From Alexandra 


  1. Let's start with the positive - you follow Boys in the Pink - good show madam! Excellent site, far better than your site quite frankly.

    As to your future, you are quirky, sarcastic, irreverent and, best of all, a young female, and so my money is on your new home being No 10 Downing Street in a few years time.

    The future is female - sadly, I'm just a rubbish male.

  2. Further to my last comment, however, yours is a very readable and witty blog and based upon it you should do well as a writer and journalist (if you do decide to plump for those fields rather than politics when you get your masters)