Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady GaGa Wears Dress Made of Meat. World Goes Mad.

Lady GaGa is of the unusual persuasion. In case we forget how unusual GaGa is she likes to remind us by making clothes out of things that are in fact not clothes. They are often unflattering and not normally even shaped like clothes. Sometimes she wears a telephone on her head. People have ceased to pay much attention to what GaGa has adorned herself with over time. It appears this has caused her some kind of image crisis, forcing her to constantly rack her brains trying to think up a more unusual outfit than her last unusual outfit, which was pretty unusual, probably. 

Yesterday GaGa attended the VMA’s (which is an award ceremony just for music videos, i.e. pointless) in a dress made entirely of meat. Raw meat. All bloody and probably smelling like dead animal. There was a steak on her head. Just slapped on there.

Blatant attention seeking acts such as this generally wind me up and cause one of those rage blackouts that I have. This one did not, though, for I am still struggling to get my head around the wearing of meat as a dress. I’ve spent the whole day wondering how such a dress would feel. Is meat a breathable material when used for clothing? Was she all sweaty beneath the meat? How did the meat stay stuck on? The sweatiness could have caused the meat to slip. Perhaps it was glued on. So many questions. (I don’t have much to do with my time.)

Clearly this gesture was something GaGa dreamed up in order to get people talking, provoke strong reaction and so on and so forth. It worked well, ten points to you Miss GaGa, but you did have to sit in meat for the duration of the award ceremony, did you not? I am struggling to see who the real winner is here.

PETA are suitably enraged by the wearing of a dress made of meat. PETA are annoying though, all self-righteous and loving the world. This makes me side with anyone they might be complaining about, whether they’ve tortured twenty kittens, set a dog on fire or (gasp) worn a coat made of FUR. PETA get too worked up over the cows. I think they just need to spend more time drinking tea and they’d feel much better about it all.

Is the meat dress fury justified, anyway? I’m not sure it is. The main criticism is the fact that GaGa wasted the meat. People waste meat often. If GaGa had worn old meat, would this have been OK? Who’s to say she didn’t feast on the meat at the end of the ceremony anyway? I mean, she is somewhat eccentric. I don’t think I’d be entirely surprised if tomorrow she announced that she lived on a diet of sweaty meat, believing that by wearing the meat as a dress first you might get to know the meat better, allowing for easier digestion once one finally has the dress for dinner. 

Why is the meat dress so much more outrageous than wearing leather shoes? 

The wastage of meat does not trouble me. I am a carnivore and fully aware that my steak was once a living, breathing animal with a face. It’d be hypocritical to get all irate about the wearing of steak as a dress. I ate beef for dinner. I could’ve sewn the pieces together and fashioned a small scarf if I’d felt the need. It would make little difference in the grand scheme of things, seen as how the cow is actually already dead and probably not watching me from cow heaven in order to ensure that the pieces of his corpse are ingested as dinner, like what he wanted. 

The thing which one did find a trifle exasperating was the absolutely abysmal message GaGa claimed she was trying to promote through the wearing the meat as a dress. This fruitcake claimed that it was a protest about the US military’s attitude to homosexuals. Yes, that’s right, by wearing steak as a dress GaGa was helping gay soldiers. The modern day Mother Theresa. Perhaps she thought that when she mentioned soldiers people would just start clapping and wailing sounds of encouragement, because this is what Americans do whenever the words ‘servicemen and women’ are mentioned, thus getting the entire American public on her side no matter what she is wearing as a dress. (This is true. There was a military chap on my American Airlines flight last year. We all had to clap for him. I think he was just going on holiday.)

Quite short, wasn’t it.. the meat dress. Didn’t actually cover her bottom like how conventional clothes do. I wonder what she meant by this bit. Probably some kind of statement about meat and bottoms. Or perhaps the promiscuous butcher is a big look this season. Or she ran out of meat half way through.. hmmm

The best part of the entire meat dress scandal has got to be the idiotic interpretations ‘experts’ have come up with, taking the dress made of meat seriously and not dismissing as the publicity stunt it clearly is. GaGa, when she shut up about the soldiers, said the dress was open to many interpretations (which loosely translates as PLEASE TALK ABOUT ME). Foolish folk have however taken the bait. 

Here are their expert opinions... 

Andrew Groves (fashion chap) thinks that “what she's doing is quite subversive - it's a commentary on the fashion and the music industries and I think it's very clever.” Interestingly Groves does not divulge what he believes this commentary to be, simply that it is one. 

Laurie Penny (feminist writer i.e. nutcase) claims “it's a clever play on women being viewed as chunks of flesh, as pieces of meat, as things to be consumed." Wasn’t Lady GaGa supposed to be a man last year? Have we forgotten about that now? 

Dr Richard Noble (Goldsmiths artsy type) has claimed that “it taps into the artistic tradition of the memento mori or the still life. The still life, after all, is a meditation on mortality and the state of decay. You have the flowers and the vegetables, but all the corrupting elements as well." This sounds suspiciously like most justifications for cabbages and half-eaten bananas as ‘art’. 

What will you wear next, Miss GaGa?! I don’t know if I can handle the suspense. I imagine the next logical step would be for GaGa to cut bits of meat off of herself, in a Saw movie style, and make a top hat and tails out of it. Then the world would be truly impressed. 

From Alexandra



Bieber Fever


  1. Loud screeching.
  2. Mobbing of strangers with mop-head Bieber style haircuts.
  3. Wailing in annoying fashion. 
  4. Blurred vision due to intense excitement. 
  5. Uncontrollable, intense production of high pitch noises when presented with vision of real life Bieber.
  6. Fainting. 
  7. The watching of youtube videos of Bieber. 
  8. Listening to Bieber songs. N.B. The fever is shown to have taken hold in cases where subjects show signs of genuine enjoyment of Bieber’s music. 
  9. Inability to prevent self from stalking fifteen year old Canadian boy, despite the illegal/weird nature of such actions. 
  10. Making plans to wed said stranger and birth strangers children. 
  11. Sending of marriage proposals, declarations of undying love and pictures of self and Bieber encased in a heart on cards in which victim has scrawled rubbish poem, believing that the Bieber himself will read and respond favourably to creepy advances. 
  12. More screaming.
  13. Obsessive plastering of Bieber’s face on schoolbooks, bedrooms walls, clothing. 
  14. Throwing of knickers at the Bieber.
  15. Owning a Justin Bieber pencil case. 
  16. Eventual heartbreak following crushing realisation that Bieber doesn’t actually love you/know who you are, leading to slow miserable death in Bieber themed bedroom. 
Those at risk:
  1. Female idiots aged 10-14. 
  2. No one else.
  3. Not a single person.
  4. It is currently being argued that this proves the theory that humans grow fully functional ears/brains around the age of fifteen. 
  1. It is suggested that those affected ‘get a grip’. This is to be achieved through a course of counselling in which sufferers are confronted with their bizarre behaviour. It is expected that in time they might begin to ask themselves why they have been stalking an adolescent boy they have never and probably will never meet, carving his name in their arms with blunt penknives etc etc.

    Having completed the course of therapy sessions and learned to confront truth i.e. fact that this is simply a young boy from Canada who sings songs on youtube and not the second coming, it is hoped that Bieber Fever victims will complete the journey back to real world.

    Victims who have been successful in recovery will eventually feel able to listen to ‘Baby’ and agree with therapists that it is, in fact, shit

From Alexandra

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Take Off That Fucking T-Shirt.

Every time I am confronted with a person sporting a Che Guevara t-shirt I have a small rage blackout. I feel like smacking them over the head whilst screaming obscenities in their ears (to get their attention) before questioning them as to what they actually know about this esteemed revolutionary.
I believe that if one wishes to wear an item of clothing with a strangers face plastered across the front it is necessary to know a substantial amount of information on the figure. I also believe that about 95% of people strutting about in their Che Guevara shirts do not possess the required knowledge. 
Bad things about Che Guevara:
  1. Guevara was a Marxist puritan who operated a cold blooded killing machine.
  2. Guevara loved to shoot defectors. He sent execution squads out searching for the deserters and massacred them in an unchristian fashion. 
  3. Che was an Argentine Chris Moyles. He set up Radio Rebele. I can only assume he used this to play crap songs by N-Dubz and Pixie Lott.
  4. Whilst in control of the La CabaƱa Fortress prison Che executed 55 to 164 people convicted of being traitors, informers or war criminals. Apparently he loved a bit of the old firing squad, which is generally not seen as a good thing. 
  5. Che was heavily involved in bringing Soviet nuclear-armed ballistic missiles to Cuba, which initiated the Cuban Missile Crisis and almost brought about a nuclear war, which would have been quite bad for most people wishing to inhabit Earth. 
  6. Che then claimed that had the missiles been in Cuban control he would have fired them off. No comment. 
  7. During the Vietnam war Che urged the peoples of developing countries to take up arms and create “many Vietnams”. Sterling advice. 
  8. Guevara spat in the face of Bolivian Rear Admiral Ugarteche shortly before his execution. I don’t like men who spit. 
  9. Guevara hated consumer culture. Oh the irony. His face is now one of the most universally merchandised and objectified images of all time, ever. Thus if you did know anything about el Che you should know that he would have told you to take off that fucking t-shirt himself. (If he wasn’t dead, which he is.)
Good things about Che Guevara:
  1. He could ride a horse. 
Therefore Che and I would like to respectfully requested that you TAKE OFF THAT FUCKING T SHIRT. Thank you. 
P.s. The same applies to fifteen years olds sporting those with names of rock bands they’ve never listened to but think sound oh so cool. Recently my dear brother stepped out in a Guns n Roses shirt. “I didn’t know you liked guns and roses,” I said to him. “Can you name any songs by them?” He could not.
From Alexandra